Something for the Drive Home


Im not always party and adventure in the city... I think Im pretty balanced in that way.
I adore the country and the sea. I neeeeeeed it sometimes. Frolicking is quite an addictive habit. Refreshing too. The power of fresh air, whether it be salt or soil is amazing.

I love my down time, a good sauna, movie, home-cooked meal, reading, writing, phone calls to grandma (my queen), walks in the pretty park down the street, pillow forts and dog walking.
I get very excited when my friends ask me to dog sit for them. Travelling doesn't let me have a dog but I dearly love them.

I prefer summer over winter but winter has its perks. Fire places, lamb shanks and guys always look sexy in winter clothes.

Next year I plan to head to South America (where Im from) and take a look around, climb some mountains, play in waterfalls, eat amazing fruit and seafood, dance a lot, take photos, chill with some awesome animals, surf a bit, have some special moments and drink watery beer.

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