Something for the Drive Home

HEY GUYS THIS IS A LIVE EPISODE ON A BUS ON THE DRIVE HOME FROM A Sweet Live ILOVEGGletters podCAst with Steele SAUSNDRESZ! THE BANANA PROPHET! Please listen to this with the upmost respect for the sweet Sunking and the lord of cakes. Also we acknowledge the traditional owners of teh land. THE DINOSAURS! 

I have read in some literature recently that Jesus's wang was also nailed to the cross. I am just wondering if that is true, and if they chose to omit that fact from the bible because of the graphic nature which would be disturbing for kids. I want to be able to tell my kids the whole story about our saviour, regardless of censorship as it is inspiring ( and quiet frankly more inspiring if his willy was nailed to the cross) 

P.s i couldnt find anything on google





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