Something for the Drive Home

Heeeyyy yeeaahh go back to where you came from!!! Get it into you! Bart and Nick are full of fury and righteous power. Listen to the voices of the past and feel the happiness. Dance and enjoy your faces. Live the dream. Follow on the twitter @bartlol and @thenickcody

Take care babezzzzzz

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Sweet sweet Words of magic wisdom coming from the mouths of powerful wizards right into your magic brain pods. DO you like farms? DO you like computers? Well why not combine them. Become and ethnic mastermind of digital potatoes. 

BLESS YOUR VEGETABLES! Remember to give us some love. @bartlol and @thenickcody on the twitter, rate us on itunes and see us on the facebook. YOU ARE FANCY! 

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OMGZZzzZZZ Guyz we have total outside podVECHILE power once again. Nick and Bart are in the backroom room of an awesome bar doing a podcast after doing a podcast. INCEPTION MUCH CUUNT? We have special surprise visitors and there is madness and joy in the air! Get your pants in your pants and get ready for improved audio quality and silly talking turned up to maximum. Show us some love if you get a chance. itunes reviewz and twitter fun @thenickcody and @bartlol. Stay happy and true to yourselfzzz!! LUV U MISS U XOXoxoXOXOXOo

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Happy new years. Nick and Bart talk about time and the power of the group. The guys also talk on the subject of fighting and being a human. Follow us on twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol. Have a great day! 

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Yeeeaaahhhh new years includes wristies for bacon and xmas aftermath! Get into ya poofs! twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Episode twenty FIve

yyeaaahhhh broozz itz xmas or should I say FUCK YOU! Eat a bag of slongs ya juice monkey. Nick and Bart are totes festival and doing mad gifts all over the shop! Oi get some internet loving and do it on us! Twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol and follow us on the facebookz or rate the itunes 5 starz plx. LOL CARNTS! 

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Yeeeaaaaaahhh old people and vidya games! Get ya god mode firing on all cylinders! POWER HAND! Twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Yeeaahhhhh!!!!!! Nick and Bart talk about China and sports along with alternative medience and computer games. Get into it and be happy and free with your pants and mind! @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Follow us on twiiter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Yeeeeaahhhh! Bonus episode of fun! Get into it ya silly duffers! Follow us on the twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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