Something for the Drive Home

Yeeeaaahhhh new years includes wristies for bacon and xmas aftermath! Get into ya poofs! twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Episode twenty FIve

yyeaaahhhh broozz itz xmas or should I say FUCK YOU! Eat a bag of slongs ya juice monkey. Nick and Bart are totes festival and doing mad gifts all over the shop! Oi get some internet loving and do it on us! Twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol and follow us on the facebookz or rate the itunes 5 starz plx. LOL CARNTS! 

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Yeeeaaaaaahhh old people and vidya games! Get ya god mode firing on all cylinders! POWER HAND! Twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Yeeaahhhhh!!!!!! Nick and Bart talk about China and sports along with alternative medience and computer games. Get into it and be happy and free with your pants and mind! @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Follow us on twiiter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Yeeeeaahhhh! Bonus episode of fun! Get into it ya silly duffers! Follow us on the twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Nick and Bart talk about race and computer games AGAIN! FARKING TALKING ABOUT CULTURE AND SEXually transmitted infections along with pokemon. Get into it poofs. Follow us on twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol. LUV youse! 

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AHhhhHH we have a farkin echo yeah! It is fancy coz we are rockstarszzz. Mining sites, dogs and the words that a man would use! Get into it carnts. SKYRIM! Check out the twitterz @bartlol @thenickcody happy face. 

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This week Bart and Nick hit up some really hard thinking issues. They are pretty much reporters and stuff hay. Is stuff bad? Listen and find out. Do the twitter @bartlol and @thenickcody magic pants! 

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food, culture, aids and the universe. Get your ears involved! Twitter love @bartlol @thenickcody miss youse! 

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Hipsters and punching. How do you look? Meditation competitions. Follow us on the twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol take it easy LOL! Miss YOUSE! 

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History, Spirit quests, kebabs and the lost words of Jesus! Don't believe anything we say. Except for follow us on the twitters and facebooks! @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Sports, Robot legs, Swear words (surprise) and ladies basketball. 

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Pooping in public, enemy of the state and how to make lots of money! Follow us on twitter @bartlol and @thenickcody! You guys are great! Stay safe! Luv youse! 

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TAPAS! We love food but hate small bits that cost a lot. That makes us savages who want hamburgers. We love you all. Please send chips. Follow us on twitterz @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Wealth, Games and the shifting sands of time. Delve into the mystery and come out dirty. Follow us on the twitter @bartlol and @thenickcody or the facebook Something for the Drive Home. Miss U LuV U bye xox

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We love you very much. Bart and Nick talk about festivals, movies and many other silly things that can be fit into a half of an hour period of time. No offense intended to all of you out there with shoes or Spanish heritage. Bless the face of the Universe! Follow us on twitter @bartlol and @thenickcody xoxoox 

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HOLY COW! Guyz! This is the number 10 episode. THis happens only once just like your tenth birthday or something lol! Nick and Bart talk of the amazing chances the world of the pod has given them and much much more. Do you want to go into space and eat a sandwich? Well listen to this and go from there. LUv youse. 

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OMG OMG OMG! Silly talking, bubble tea, radio competitions, ear infections and the universe! Bart and Nick really care about you guys. Be safe. @thenickcody @bartlol. Check out our facebookzzz lol. xoxoxo 

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Yep that's right ladies and gentlemen Bart and Nick are back and they are talking about Jesus and the power of sexitimes. Get into it! Follow us on the twitter @bartlol and @thenickcody

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haaay guys! Bart and Nick are back and they are talking about some very important issues. Vegetables for instance oh yeah and what it means to be man. A MAN! OKAY MAN MAN! Tell your friends and enjoy the sounds while having a giggle. Follow us on the twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Nick hates yoga. Bart tries to find where the tension is and relieve it with some special yoga/pilates moves. Lots of silly offensive fun! Enjoy. Luv youse xoxo

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OMG Bart and Nick are in the backyard talking about things that make Nick Angry. Punchable faces and movies stars are just a few things we jump upon and beat with words. Please enjoy this silly rabble of fun monkey power. 

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Omg HOly shit. They are back and full of beans. Feel the full force of silly talk and cafe amibence as this digital devil claws playfully at your ears. Bart and Nick talk about Zelda, Japanese people and lasers. Among other things. Luv youse. 

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Bart and Nick talk about lost search engines, sport vampires and more! Enjoy the sweet sweet banter on the drive home. Thanks for listening. You are all awesome. 

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OMg guys! Bart and Nick are pretty offensive in this one. Don't let it get you all angry pants. It is all in silly Jests of some boys eager to be loved. Zombies, Magic words and much more! Also please rate us on the itunes and follow our silly talking on the twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Listen to Nick Cody and Bart Freebairn talk of facebook trolling and the evil movie overlords. 

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