Something for the Drive Home

YEEAAAH SWEEETTT LORDY PANTS! The power agrevated assault and sauce shall reign down upon youse all as the goosey slime magic encapsulates your souls! Just relax and be merry. Do some nice shinty to the vast and glorious negative space and symbolise ur FACE! 

Bart and Nick will guid you no where in particular nor shall they say anything of value. 


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Yeah boyzzz and guuuuuuurrrllzzzz! TEH DUDES OF POWAH r back at it againzzz! B REEL TO URSELF AND UR FRIENDS BUT REMEMBER How U TREAT THE ONES U LUV is important to become a battlefield general. HOWEVERZZZ HOW U Treat THOSE U DUN NOE Will tell TEH world if U R A BIG CARNT OR NOT LOL! EAT DIKCS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Shorter episodes for a bit lol! NICK IS IN THE UNDERWORLD doing craaazzy tunes as a dj. 


twitter @thenickcody @bartlol

Be magical in ur pink bits ya poozfs

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Yeah brozz. Bart and Nick are working on stuff so here is a little taste of some rad powerful magic that the wild dogs have put together for you! FEEL THE MAGIC!!! 

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Yeaaaahhhh daawwwgg!! Get a liver detox up ya!!! FULL POWER TIGHTS!!! 

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