Something for the Drive Home

Goose lords! thanks for the good times! Feel the magic in your diks. Bart and Nick have had a really great super fun happy go go time doing the pods. Keep your hearts open and free. There is more fun and goodness on the horizon


Keep your eyes clear and your pants loose. Let the sun touch your soul. The boys will have more fun projects on the rise! More good feelings in teh mix! Get onboard the funky town love train slurp. 


Under the hill is all teh treasure and you are the hill. 


It has been heaps of fun! 


There will be more good pods on the occasion but this is the end of the every week guys! 


Thanks to the moon for your support and love! For yoru ear power and glory noise. Both the guys are super grateful of your power.

@bartlol @thenickcody --twitter//instagram 


Tell ur mates! The pods are there for all to enjoy. Bless ur finty faces. 

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