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Welcome to a fancy in the bag episode! Bart and NIck are touring around the place so this podDANGLE comes from the deep past of powerful minge. 

Then the Buddha addressed all the monks once more, and these were the very last words he spoke:

"Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation."

Then the Buddha lapsed into the jhana stages, or meditative absorptions. Going from level to level, one after the other, ever deeper and deeper. Then he came out of the meditative absorption for the last time and passed into nirvana, leaving nothing whatever behind that can cause rebirth again in this or any other world.

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OK! Bart and NICK are changing places and talking about being relaxed and not getting stressed of poop or toilet Jesus. Just enjoy your journey while you are here lol! 


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Hey boonDOGS! We are in a rad room with super sandwiches talking about being free with your heart and true to being from SPAIN! For your information Spain is wonderful and very special. Please follow us on the twitter and facebuk and also on the internet we have the google with our hearts and minds. Give in the the flavourzzz. Relax okay!! LUV YOUSE! 

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Yeeaahhhh dawgszzzz!! HERE Is teh definetion of sauce! PLease read it and become more powerful! 

In cooking, a sauce is liquid, creaming or semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods. Sauces are not normally consumed by themselves; they add flavor, moisture, and visual appeal to another dish. Sauce is a French word taken from the Latin salsus, meaning salted. Possibly the oldest sauce recorded is garum, the fish sauce used by the Ancient Romans.

Sauces need a liquid component, but some sauces (for example, pico de gallo salsa or chutney) may contain more solid elements than liquid. Sauces are an essential element in cuisines all over the world.

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Happy pants. 

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Yeah boys! U WANNA NOE About AMWAY and the secret spy power of selling??! Well tune into the this super mega secret episode and be amazed at how bart and nick are totally on the money and should be really rich. YEAAH!! Give us some internet love if you get the time. TWITTER @thenickcody and @bartlol facebookpage and itunes love if you get the time!! YEEAAAHH CARNTZ

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