Something for the Drive Home

haaay guys! Bart and Nick are back and they are talking about some very important issues. Vegetables for instance oh yeah and what it means to be man. A MAN! OKAY MAN MAN! Tell your friends and enjoy the sounds while having a giggle. Follow us on the twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Nick hates yoga. Bart tries to find where the tension is and relieve it with some special yoga/pilates moves. Lots of silly offensive fun! Enjoy. Luv youse xoxo

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OMG Bart and Nick are in the backyard talking about things that make Nick Angry. Punchable faces and movies stars are just a few things we jump upon and beat with words. Please enjoy this silly rabble of fun monkey power. 

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Omg HOly shit. They are back and full of beans. Feel the full force of silly talk and cafe amibence as this digital devil claws playfully at your ears. Bart and Nick talk about Zelda, Japanese people and lasers. Among other things. Luv youse. 

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Bart and Nick talk about lost search engines, sport vampires and more! Enjoy the sweet sweet banter on the drive home. Thanks for listening. You are all awesome. 

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OMg guys! Bart and Nick are pretty offensive in this one. Don't let it get you all angry pants. It is all in silly Jests of some boys eager to be loved. Zombies, Magic words and much more! Also please rate us on the itunes and follow our silly talking on the twitter @thenickcody and @bartlol

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Listen to Nick Cody and Bart Freebairn talk of facebook trolling and the evil movie overlords. 

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